« Translation & Quality 2016 » : corpora & quality

« Traduction & Qualité 2016 » : corpus & qualité

Vendredi 5 février 2016, Université C. de Gaulle Lille 3

Salle des Colloques, Maison de la Recherche, 9h



There are three issues that are important when it comes to translation: quality, quality and quality.”

(Depraetere 2011 : 1)

This one-day conference  which focuses on the thorny problem of translation quality follows on from four previous conferences organized in  2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. The conference will deal with the link between the use of electronic corpora (monolingual or multilingual, comparable or parallel, used as translation memories with CAT tools or with concordancers, used for machine translation…) and translation quality. The aim is to consider how corpora can improve translation quality (as tools for decision making) and how they can be used as tools for translation quality assessment.

It cannot be assumed that the use of translation corpora results in quality translations. Although corpora are to be found behind many tools used today by translators (translation memories in CAT tools, statistical Machine Translation, mini specialized corpora), the correlation with quality cannot be taken for granted. Whether the corpora are comparable or parallel, translators are generally not aware of the corpora used in translation software or relatively popular websites like www.linguee.com. Similarly, the link between studies within the field of corpus-based translation studies, of which there have been an increasing number since the 1990s, is not obvious. The idea that corpus tools, which for instance can measure intra-language differences between original and translated language, might be used to measure and improve translation quality is not consensual, far from it. The aim of this conference is thus to gather different speakers (translation trainers, researchers, but also designers and users of corpora as translation tools) in order to show how corpus use and translation quality can be related.

The conference will focus on 3 different areas: (i) corpora & teaching ; (ii) corpora and language for specific purposes; (iii) corpus and CAT/MT tools 

Speakers :

Corpora & Teaching

-          Cécile Frérot (Université de Grenoble)

-          Bert Cappelle, Gert de Sutter, Rudy Loock, Koen Plevoets (Universités de Gand et de Lille 3)

-          Ana Frankenberg Garcia (University of Surrey)

Corpora & LSP

-          Natalie Kübler (Université Paris-Diderot)

-          Adriano Ferraresi (Università di Bologna)

-          Giuditta Caliendo, Antonio Compagnone (Université Lille 3, Université de Naples Federico II)

Corpora & CAT/MT tools

-          Pierre Bernassau (société  SYSTRAN)

-          Maria Rzewuska-Waligora (DGT, commission européenne)

-          Hanna Martikainen, Julia Ive (Université Paris-Diderot, LIMSI-CNRS)


Organisation/Financement : Laboratoire “Savoirs, Textes, Langage” (STL) du CNRS (UMR 8163) 

Contribution financière de l’UFR des LEA


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Rudy Loock (rudy.loock@univ-lille3.fr)

Justin Duquesnoy (justin.duquesnoy@univ-lille3.fr)


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